A few words about myself. My name is Robert Darling and I was born and raised on a farm in mid-Michigan. I really became curious about the rest of the world after returning from Viet Nam. After seeing how different the culture was there I knew there was much more to see in this world so I was on my way. I've always enjoyed art, drawing, and painting when I had the time. With the little money I had, I left on an adventure to see for myself what was happening in different parts of the world, mostly Latin American countries, and trying to only spend time with locals as much as possible tapping into more intense inspirations. Realizing we are living in uncertain times a driving force took me to a place behind the curtain, so to speak, to another dimension. That is what my art is all about now. By entering this other dimension I realized it is just as real as the 3rd dimension we live in now. I hope you enjoy the messages I've tried to pass onto you. If you look deep and open your mind, you will see. So walk inside, look around but try not to disturb anything because you are a welcome guest, then walk into the 3rd dimension. Then do the same for the next painting. A couple of things before I part. Do your research before you believe in the so-called experts before many of the truth research sites are silenced. It's your life, your body, and your spirit, you're in charge, no one else, peace, enjoy. All paintings are acrylic on canvas. And all are numbered.